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About us.

At first glance, it may seem that Cross Oceans is “yet another consulting company”, but that is not the case at all. Cross Oceans has been around since 1994 when it started as a Cultural Training company.  Training was conducted for companies that wanted to do business in other countries, where culture may inhibit some  business deals.

As it grew, many companies from other countries used our training to learn how to be more efficient in conducting business in the US and thus advance their business goals.

This is still a core part of Cross Oceans, however, it has evolved. The services we provide span a large spectrum.

Our team all have extensive international and domestic work experience. No matter what your companies needs for business or what ever market you are conducting business, the team of Cross Oceans will be able to exceed your needs.

We are an award winning firm in both our consulting work with various clients in different industries, and for our design and development work. We make markets for you!

Client Focused

Most companies say it – We live it. We bend over backwards to make sure you get the best service for your project and business. We give you the piece of mind you need for your marketing, so you can focus on other parts of your business. Relax – let us stress over your marketing.

We focus on you and your business. We are available to assist you with your business when you need it. Cross Oceans’ team is your team – we deliver results around your business goals.

The future is bright.

You’ve made the first steps. You’ve made it this far.

Our Trusted Clients.

What Our Clients Say:

Working with Cross Oceans was a dream. They took our concept of business and marketing goals and generated a program that impacted our market in a way that was pleasantly unexpected. The amount of time saved and the amount of business attained would have taken us two years instead of the few months Cross Oceans generated.

Orlando Law Firm

Cross Oceans completed the impossible. We needed a website that would incorporate accounts with IDX and MLS in a way that was seamless. Not only did they accomplish this task, but they made it flow and work beautifully with a gorgeous site design.

Prestigious Real Estate Firm

We asked Cross Oceans to come up with a newsletter piece that could be used to reach in-house counsel for large pharmaceutical companies. Their genius was explaining in why a “newsletter” wouldn’t work, but a “magazine-ette” would do the trick. They couldn’t have been more correct. You need to contact them to get the whole story, but I will say…it was the first time we had in-house counsel calling us for work, as well as asking when the next edition would be released. Just phenomenal!

Large Nationwide Law Firm

The amazing quality of work generated in such a short amount of time was impressive. Not only did Cross Oceans design, develop and manage the project, but they incorporated marketing strategies to guarantee a successful launch of the app and consistent sales of the app. We will definitely be working with them again!

Florida Medical Group

We asked Cross Oceans to come up with a new brand, a complete marketing strategy and new marketing materials. What we got was way beyond our expectations. Not only did Cross Oceans find three new untapped markets which generated over a million dollars of income, but they created a brand and website that generated huge waves within our industry. It’s nice to work with such a talented team who knows how to get results!

International Boat Company